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Cyber attacks hit the Swiss economy hard: one company every 11th second, average losses of CHF 6 million and the most serious intrusions costing well over CHF 100 million. Cyber resilience is no longer an optional extra, but essential for survival.

Prof. Patrick Krauskopf

Tobias Gurtner

Is your cybersecurity strategy just lip service or the backbone of your business strategy?

Prof. Patrick Krauskopf: "For me? It's the skeleton that holds the corporate body together. It's inconceivable in 2024 to treat cybersecurity as a secondary consideration. It goes far beyond protection – it's a matter of trust, integrity, and ultimately existence."

Tobias Gurtner: "Absolutely, Patrick. I see our cybersecurity strategy as the compass that guides us through the stormy waters of the digital world. It is deeply rooted in every aspect of our company, from product development to customer communication. Without a solid cybersecurity strategy, everything else is irrelevant."

How involved are executives and board members in developing and implementing the cybersecurity strategy?

Prof. Patrick Krauskopf: "As the chairman of the board of several publicly traded companies, I place great importance on our cybersecurity strategy not only meeting the latest international standards but also being visionary. It is our duty to ensure that we are not just reacting to threats but staying a step ahead."

Tobias Gurtner: "We foster a culture of vigilance where cybersecurity is not seen as a task, but as a privilege. By training and raising awareness at all levels, we ensure that cybersecurity is embedded in our company's DNA."

AGON PARTNERS: Excellence in Law, Compliance, and Legal Tech

At AGON PARTNERS, we combine legal expertise, efficient compliance, and tailored communication. We utilize Legal Tech, in cooperation with our sister company konzeptplus AG, custom-tailored and available around the clock. Our goal: to sustainably enhance the innovativeness, reputation, and credibility of our clients.

Patrick L. Krauskopf, chairman of various boards and professor of economic and competition law, brings a unique mix of academic excellence and practical experience. His connections with renowned educational institutions, his legal practice in Switzerland and New York, as well as his courtroom and administrative experience, are reliable assets for our clients.

Tobias Gurtner, CEO of konzeptplus ag, combines over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity. As an MSc in Software Engineering, he specializes in cryptology, ZeroTrust, IAM, secure communication, and AI to drive innovative security solutions forward.

AGON PARTNERS LEGAL AG stands for excellence in merging law with strategic foresight—a reliable partner at your side.

The image shows a metaphorical illustration of a company whose operations are located in a digital control centre, with cybersecurity aspects permeating and protecting all levels of business activity like an invisible network. In this illustration, coloured lines and nodes symbolise the comprehensive scope of cybersecurity, from securing sensitive data to ensuring compliance and secure interactions in an increasingly networked working environment.