Antitrust proceedings are not just a legal challenge. Rather, cartel proceedings present a company with numerous other tasks outside of legal issues. Antitrust proceedings therefore require not only a legal dispute, but also specific measures in the area of corporate communications and - in the case of impending antitrust proceedings - economic policy, for example.

AGON PARTNERS combines all the necessary services under one roof so that these different challenges can be recognized, recorded and mastered at an early stage. In addition to their expertise, our experienced specialists have international relationships with competition authority executives and many years of experience in selecting the optimal procedural strategy.

We continuously analyze the existing legal system and legal developments.

We actively contribute to the academic debate on the application and further development of Swiss antitrust law in specialist articles and lectures. We continuously pass on our findings to our clients and to the next generation of antitrust lawyers through academic teaching.


The creation of AGON PARTNERS is the logical consequence of the idea that the founding partners have developed and refined over the course of their many years of collaboration:

The antitrust law firm with the full-service approach!


AGON PARTNERS has a unique network at home and abroad:

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Social commitment is important to us and is part of our tradition. Every year, AGON PARTNERS supports a wide variety of projects and institutions in the fields of education and culture. Our long-term commitments include the following:

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